Store solar energy generated by PV panels in hot water and have it available even when the sun goes down...

Did you know that hot water usage, on average, contributes to 25% of household energy consumption? With rising energy costs, there has never been a better time to consider storing your own PV solar generated energy in hot water.

Energy Smart Water has combined the disruptive PV water heating technologies of my-PV, with the ENERMAX SMARTcube (formerly ROTEX) heat exchange tank to bring to market the Energy Smart Water PV Water Heating System.

So how does it work?

The solar PV panels absorb the sun's energy and convert it into usable solar direct current (DC) power.

The DC power is controlled with an MPP-tracker, to maximise power output, and is carried from the PV panels to the solar heating element located in the tank. NO GRID CONNECTION is required.

The solar element can heat the tank water to a maximum of 85°C at which point it switches off.  Once the temperature drops, the solar element will re-activate.

On occasions when the solar energy gain is insufficient to heat the water to its minimum temperature of 55°C, a booster energy supply, either electric (standard), gas (optional), or alternate (optional), simultaneously heats the tank water to 65°C. Once this temperature is reached the booster supply switches off.

Fresh cold potable water runs through the stainless steel heat exchange tubing inside the tank and comes out hot.

When the hot water leaves the tank it passes through a thermostatic mixing valve to ensure that water for your personal use does not exceed 50°C to prevent scolding.

How does the booster work?

Electric booster (Standard)
When the tank water temperature falls below 55°C a sensor will simultaneously activate the AC electric element located in the tank. Once the temperature reaches 65°C the AC electric element will switch off.

Gas or alternate heat source booster (Optional)
The gas booster engages when the water temperature drops to 55°C. The tank water circulates through the instant gas booster. Both the gas booster and solar element will heat the tank simultaneously. Once the tank water temperature reaches 65°C the booster switches off.