Geda SolarLift

The GEDA original panel lifter
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AC·THOR Power Manager

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Intelligently direct power to maximise self-consumption


Hygienic, efficient water heating from photovoltaics

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Haase tanks

Heat exchange tanks made to requirements
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SteriWhite Air

Compact, plug and play UVC sterilization suitable for spaces with continuous occupancy and low noise requirements.
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PVT Solar Panel

Multi-Purpose panel generates PV and thermal solar hot water. Thermal water generation increases efficiency of PV panel by providing cooling, reducing ROIs and maximising returns.
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Hi-Temp Heat Pumps

Highly efficient commercial grade heat pumps, suited for high temperature delivery of hygienic hot water.
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    Based in Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, ESW specialises in developing and importing world-leading renewables technologies for the Australian and global markets.

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    water & heating
    AC·THOR intelligently manages excess power from PV, putting power where you need it rather than back to the grid. Integrate an AC·THOR into existing hot water tanks (up to 3.6kW element) for up to 85% PV self-consumption, or install with a new system for even greater efficiency.
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