Hot water heating and space heating with solar power

AC•THOR 9s is a 0 - 9 kW linearly controlled photovoltaic power manager for hot water, electric heat sources and optional space heating.

Simple & efficient: AC•THOR 9s controls up to 3 electrical heat sources and provides comfort - depending on the availability of PV energy and heat demand. And that for both hot water, as well as for space heating. In a residential building that is built or renovated according to current energy standards, AC•THOR 9s replaces conventional, water-based building installations. Missing residual energy can be obtained from the public grid.

Of course, AC•THOR 9s can also be integrated into conventional, water-based systems such as buffer storages. Its flexibility leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to the built-in touch display, it can be operated without any additional devices at any time and it is easy to install.


AC•THOR 9s for 3-phase heating elements up to 9 kW

With the same size as the AC•THOR, the AC•THOR 9s is also capable to control 3-phase immersion heaters linearly with an output of up to 9,000 watts.

Of course all connections in this variant are also pluggable, so the installation effort remains minimal!

In this mode the use of the my-PV immersion heater 9kW is ideal!

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AC•THOR 9s also for three single-phase heating elements

The AC•THOR 9s can also be used to heat up very large storage tanks. Up to three heating elements can be controlled linearly one after the other. The advantage: Hot water is available very quickly.

If there is a surplus of more than 3,000 watts available, the elements are also controlled in combination to maximise self consumption and shorten the heating time.

In this mode the use of the my-PV immersion heater 3kW is ideal!

Immersion heaters can also be located in different tanks. For example, one in the hot water boiler and one or two more in the buffer tank!


AC•THOR 9s for hot water and space heating

In addition to hot water heating, the AC•THOR 9s can also provide linear power control for electrical space heating in buildings, making it suitable for photovoltaics.

In addition to the control of the immersion heater, it is possible to supply two heating circuits and control them independently of each other.

Optionally, a further consumer like a heat-pump can be switched via an integrated relay. Even more power with the power package AC•THOR 9s!

AC•THOR 9s in combination with my-PV Power Meter

In combination with my-PV Power Meter, AC•THOR 9s uses excess energy from your photovoltaic system to supply electrical heat sources such as immersion heaters, electric heating mats or infrared panels linearly with power. This ensures optimal energy utilization.

Further information about my-PV Power Meter.

AC•THOR 9s in combination with battery storage

In combination with compatible batteries, AC•THOR 9s performs as a hybrid storage function. Not only the hot water, but also the building mass can be used as storage.

Thus, even with larger PV systems, excess PV energy is optimally used. Optimal priority regulation between battery and heat storage is guaranteed.

Click here for the compatible manufacturers.

AC•THOR 9s in combination with Smart Home

Thanks to its flexible control, the AC•THOR 9s also communicates with energy management systems. As an alternative to my-PV Power Meter, the excess information can also be received from these sources. Thus there are no limits for the integration into individual home controls. Data can be visualized in the Smart Home System.

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  • Linear power control 0-9 kW
  • 3 controllable outputs
  • For 3-phase immersion heaters with common neutral conductor
  • Easiest heat production in three zones 3 x 3 kW
  • Two-zone space heating possible
  • Also combinable with heat pumps
  • Minimum spatial requirements
  • A system compatible with various inverter manufacturers, battery systems and smart homes
  • Up to 85 % PV self-consumption without battery

Plug & Play - All connections pluggable!

  • No time-consuming wiring
  • No clamping points, no PG cable glands
  • No cumbersome opening of housing